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* gc can now workTeddy2013-08-13
* basic gcTeddy2013-08-12
* change the name of compiled executable fileTeddy2013-08-12
* ready for alpha releaseTeddy2013-08-12
* rectified a bug in `modulo`Teddy2013-08-12
* fixed severe bug in many special optsTeddy2013-08-11
* ...Teddy2013-08-11
* more built-insTeddy2013-08-10
* numerical overflow detectionTeddy2013-08-09
* added `and` operatorTeddy2013-08-09
* deal with circular referenceTeddy2013-08-09
* support for equal?Teddy2013-08-08
* new ext_repr() approachTeddy2013-08-08
* added GMP supportTeddy2013-08-07
* added exception facilitiesTeddy2013-08-04
* modified the API of Env: add_bindingTeddy2013-08-04
* added more docsTeddy2013-08-04
* C++ version now works!Teddy2013-08-03
* AST parser can now work!Teddy2013-08-03