cessna-knoboxMake your own Cessna-style throttle/mixer controller!23 months
chromicleTrack your time spent in different activities using Google Calendar.3 years
cibicC Implemented Bare and Ingenuous Compiler7 years
corethAvalanche C-Chain service code.23 months
cppromiseLightweight C++14/17 implementation of Promise modeled Javascript Promise/A+.4 years
ethy.pyDecryption/verification/generation of Ethereum wallets in one script.23 months
growth-ringSimple and modular write-ahead-logging implementation.23 months
h99My solutions to ninety-nine Haskell problems.4 years
keytree.pyDerive BIP32 key pairs from BIP39 mnemonic.23 months
lab_monitorEasy-to-deploy and simple web interface to monitor whatever you want.4 years
libhotstuffA general-purpose BFT state machine replication library with modularity and simp...23 months
mpd_triggerExecute whatever you want when MPD (Music Player Daemon) changes its state7 years
nervLua-based toolkit for high-performance deep learning6 years
nerv-speechImportant extensions for NERV (HTK/Kaldi IO support, sequence training, etc.)7 years
nixie-clockMulti-functional nixie tube clock implemented in Rust.4 years
piztorSimple location sharing system7 years
runesNo-std NES emulator library and minimal emulator written purely in Rust.4 years
salticidaeMinimal C++ asynchronous network library.3 years
salticidae-goGo bindings for Salticidae network library.3 years
snow-bft-demoVisual demo of the Snow/Avalanche protocol family.23 months
sonsiStupid and Obvious Non-recursive Scheme Interpreter7 years
tmux-colortagA plug-and-play, minimal tmux plugin/theme that automatically colors the window ...23 months