BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
faster_fetchmanual hash approach is even slower than STL mapTeddy7 years
gcgc optimization: pending listTeddy7 years
gc_cycadded gc setting built-insTeddy7 years
gc_impremove unnecessary std::set in gcTeddy7 years
gc_sweepadd test for circular refTeddy7 years
masterfix a severe bug : copy-constructor expected in EvalObjTeddy7 years
new_extchange the name from CONS_OBJ to PAIR_OBJTeddy7 years
restructurechecking the code in `builtin.cpp`, removed some bugs and redundancyTeddy7 years
skip_removalremoved `skip` field from Pair, use `next` to make jumps insteadTeddy7 years
tail_recursionremove redundant codeTeddy7 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2013-08-15remove unnecessary std::set in gcgc_impTeddy
2013-08-15move ParseBracket to model filesTeddy
2013-08-15the stability has been confirmedTeddy
2013-08-15remove redundant codetail_recursionTeddy
2013-08-15tail-rec support for `or`Teddy
2013-08-15tail-rec for `if` and `and`Teddy
2013-08-15fixed prog reload bug in tail-recTeddy
2013-08-15tail-recursion opt in user-def callTeddy
2013-08-14significant improvement on gc efficiencyTeddy