Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* proper case-insensitiveTeddy2013-08-07
* fixed some severe problems and added testsTeddy2013-08-07
* a little fixTed Yin2013-08-07
* a little fixTed Yin2013-08-07
* TO_CONS reviewTed Yin2013-08-07
* Merge pull request #1 from sjtufs/patch-1Ted Yin2013-08-06
| * Update builtin.cppihsgnef2013-08-07
* list checking fixTeddy2013-08-07
* dot sign support in literal modeTeddy2013-08-06
* added and restructured built-in proceduresTeddy2013-08-06
* boolean and char are now supportedTeddy2013-08-06
* vector, literal support!Teddy2013-08-06
* improved complex parsingTeddy2013-08-06
* added support for stringTeddy2013-08-05
* added string quoting support in the parsernumeric_typesTeddy2013-08-05
* added more built-in proceduresTeddy2013-08-05
* complex, real, rational, integral number supportTeddy2013-08-05
* empty-list fixTeddy2013-08-05
* added list supportTeddy2013-08-05
* added support for `cons`, `car`, `cdr`Teddy2013-08-04
* added comment supportTeddy2013-08-04
* new targets in TODO-listTeddy2013-08-04
* added more error reportTeddy2013-08-04
* added exception facilitiesTeddy2013-08-04
* replaced many `dynamic_cast` to `static_cast`Teddy2013-08-04
* modified the API of Env: add_bindingTeddy2013-08-04
* added more docsTeddy2013-08-04
* C++ version now works!Teddy2013-08-03
* AST parser can now work!Teddy2013-08-03
* transfering the implementation language to C++Teddy2013-08-02
* put sketch files into `prototype` and important structural improve on sketch.pyTeddy2013-08-02
* use a simple and elegant way to represent the ASTTeddy2013-07-31
* the project should be obvious, which is my greatest hopeTeddy2013-07-31
* added comments and adjusted the construction of ASTTeddy2013-07-31
* changed nameTeddy2013-07-31
* add procedure definition syntatic-sugarTeddy2013-07-31
* more friendly inputTeddy2013-07-31
* add support for multiple expressions in lambdaTeddy2013-07-31
* revised the poor fix of cont. exiting to a better oneTeddy2013-07-31
* use simpler mask routineTeddy2013-07-31
* The prototype is nearly finished! Tests are welcome.Teddy2013-07-31
* added lambda-statementTeddy2013-07-30
* ...Teddy2013-07-30
* added if-statementTeddy2013-07-30
* simple evaluationTeddy2013-07-30
* added READMETeddy2013-07-29
* initTeddy2013-07-29