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* remove unnecessary std::set in gcgc_impTeddy2013-08-15
* move ParseBracket to model filesTeddy2013-08-15
* fixed prog reload bug in tail-recTeddy2013-08-15
* tail-recursion opt in user-def callTeddy2013-08-15
* removed redundant infoTeddy2013-08-14
* big change in framework: unification of Continuation and RetAddrTeddy2013-08-14
* gc detect in list-specific built-ins, proper numeric conversionTeddy2013-08-14
* add gc in `PromObj` and `Continuation`Teddy2013-08-13
* add cycle detect for `Pair`, `ProcObj`, `Envt` and `Cont`Teddy2013-08-13
* fixed a mem leak in parser.cppTeddy2013-08-13
* add the middle class: `Container` to help resolve circular issuesTeddy2013-08-13
* vector gcTeddy2013-08-13
* fixed bug in PromObjTeddy2013-08-13
* in-place arithmetic opt & fix gc bug in `eval`Teddy2013-08-13
* ...Teddy2013-08-12
* basic gcTeddy2013-08-12
* fixed severe bug in many special optsTeddy2013-08-11
* added more commentsTeddy2013-08-11
* ...Teddy2013-08-11