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* basic gcTeddy2013-08-12
* fixed severe bug in many special optsTeddy2013-08-11
* numerical overflow detectionTeddy2013-08-09
* ...Teddy2013-08-09
* list checking fixTeddy2013-08-07
* dot sign support in literal modeTeddy2013-08-06
* boolean and char are now supportedTeddy2013-08-06
* added string quoting support in the parsernumeric_typesTeddy2013-08-05
* complex, real, rational, integral number supportTeddy2013-08-05
* added support for `cons`, `car`, `cdr`Teddy2013-08-04
* added more error reportTeddy2013-08-04
* added exception facilitiesTeddy2013-08-04